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Talgai Stud was established in 1986 by Wayne and Judy Veivers and family. We have been in persistent pursuit of Droughtmaster excellence ever since.

We strongly believed in starting with cattle that adapted well to most environments. When it comes to fertility, disposition, conformation, hardiness and milk production we found Droughtmasters ticked all the boxes. We then sourced the best genetics we could find at the time.

Our foundation herd was started with females from the Warralea and Alcheringa dispersal sales. Both studs were on hard coastal country. We now run a commercial Droughtmaster herd of 2000 breeders based at our 43,000 acre property, Rewan, situated in the Carnarvon foothills. Our stud herd of 250 registered breeders is run in single sire herds on our 10,000acre Arcadia Valley property, Billabalong, just 40kms from Rewan.

As our philosophy has been continuous improvement we have embraced group breedplan since its inception. The genetic predictability of Breedplan does not have to be sold to us as it has been proven over and over again in our operation.

We do not use Breedplan to chase extremes. We use it as an aid to breed middle of the road animals that tick all the previously mentioned attributes.

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